RoadToHealthyStreetX400Everyone has to find their own journey to success in being healthy.  For my husband and I, we wanted to be healthy and thought we were doing pretty good on trying to eat moderately and taking care of our bodies, but each year we just kept gaining weight.  We tried that Green drink and that just gets old, we tried a variety of juicing for breakfast everyday, but we weren’t real fond of it and I tried running myself with exercise for years consistently and always pushing to the next level, but just didn’t see results in the weight loss side.  I just don’t think exercise or counting calories is the answer.  This was our conclusion on a 19 hour drive home from Christmas Vacation on December 26, 2015.

So what is the answer?  In our case, we began to talk about everything we had learned in our journey over the years.  We have watched documentaries on food, been grossed out by things we have read and seen, studied about the effects of sugar on the body and how it effects your gut and teeth, and I had attended nutrition counseling here and there as well as expert advice from trainers.  None of them could figure out why I wasn’t losing wait. My husband could lose some weight with the ‘programs’ but then it just came right back on. While not grossly overweight, we were both on the charts considered obese.  We are still on this journey, but after just 3 months I am sold that this will stay with me and I will never gain the weight back again.

Believe it or not, it was our conversation about what we learned through studying our own personal finance through Dave Ramsey’s podcasts, leading Financial Peace University and working over the years to try and have financial freedom that we truly just wanted freedom in how we eat and our whole attitude and perspective about food.  Much of where our choices about what goes into our dietary budget is a culmination of everything we have taken in and learned from books, documentaries, online articles and podcasts, but we haven’t been able to find anything out there combining it all into something quite like ours.  I won’t lie. It takes commitment, it hurts, but really doesn’t require exercise.

Exercise is great for the heart, but it is hard to exercise very much if you are too overweight and your joints are not real happy with you. Trust me I really did work out and hard.  I tried cardio 4 days a week every week for a year and a half.  Even in the cold, cold rain, I ran. I started with a walk/run that built up to running  a full 6 miles in about one hour and 15 min.  I was never out there less than an hour. Slow, yes…but I was pushing myself.  I tried aerobics for several years always participating 3 days a week in a facility for an hour.  But what about circuit training…combining cardio with weights. Yes. I did that too. People in circuit training with me, called me the Energizer Bunny.  And… I even tried hot yoga.  Man was that relaxing and energizing, but I still didn’t lose weight.

As you lose weight and eat better…the overweight foggy brain clears away and you can focus more and have the energy.  You might find yourself doing that project you kept hoping to get around to but were always too tired.