Kids favorite Fruit?


Sadly this could well have been my answer as a kid too. :^) Now my favorite fruit is Cherries! So sweet, but a little expensive. What is your favorite fruit?



Comic about how to get soft and squishy

Watch out for those soft and squishy foods. Natural foods don’t bounce back like a marshmallow. If you can poke it with your finger and have it plump back up, BEWARE!!! It’s likely to make your belly do likewise. Some squishy foods: Marshmallows, Bread, Cake, Gummies, Muffins & Jello. This goes double if you are actively trying to loose weight.

I’ll have to start making some comics where I’m not so pudgy. My belly is no longer squishy thanks to the RND. I have a lot more problems with my pants trying to fall down. I’m close to my target weight now (three pounds to go), but I don’t want to buy new clothes that fit until I hit my real normal.

The Magic Dryer


A few months ago this was me, blaming the dryer for shrinking all my clothes. I even got disgusted and threw a few items out, since the dryer had so obviously ruined them. The funny thing was though after doing the Real Normal Diet for three months, my clothes magically started to fit again, and then they got to big and baggy.

Now I have to wear a sliding belt every day to cinch up my pants so they don’t fall off. I don’t intend to buy many new clothes till we his our target weight, which should be just around the corner. 5 or 10 more pounds to go. On the other hand, i think we did change dryers during that time too. So maybe it was the dryer after all. ;^)