Step Off

StepOffX400Step off the scale. Whatever you do stick to for a diet, it can’t be stressful.  You have to know your limits. If you have had a history in the past with anorexia or bulimia, then you can’t watch the scale everyday. Many overweight people have struggled with these dietary illnesses at some point. Be ok with admitting to yourself that having a scale is too stressful.

Why is stepping off the scale important for everyone? By checking everyday, you might see you lost a whole 2 pounds in one day and say, “Oh, I can have a candybar or a soda.”  You might also see you gained a pound or two and panic.  Now you have sent your brain into stress mode and your hormones say, Oh no! and then hold on to even more weight or psychologically you give up or even fall into the anorexia or bulimia mind track.  You just can’t allow it.  Our recommendation…choose a day of the month to check your weight.  For us it is the first day of each month.

So where do I check my weight if I don’t have a scale.  Find a scale somewhere out there that you have access to that you can always go to on the first day of the month.  We chose the Health Smart monitor in Wal-Mart, but they have these in CVS, Walgreens and other pharmacy and grocery stores. We like that we can have it all tracked and see our progress as well as check our blood pressure and track it too all in one stop on a regular basis. If you don’t want to use one of these, maybe you keep a scale at your church or friend/relative’s house where you can go and ‘check-in’.  This needs to be someone you trust, won’t let you come check at every turn and can be encouraging.  They probably don’t need to be someone struggling with their weight.

Can I not weigh myself at home?  We are not saying you can’t check your weight at your own house, But our plan includes throwing your scale out of your house.  It has had too much control over you…obviously.  It is a temptation you don’t need! Even weekly checking might be too much.  You have to just relax and stick with the program and expect results. My first weigh in, after a month, I was terrified, truly shaking in my boots-no joke!  I was afraid I would not see any results because I had been trying for years with no results and I was not on that exercise regimen anymore.  Before we went on this I had given up and was walking just for my heart…not what I would call trying.  It didn’t seem to matter what I did, my weight stayed the same.